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We know that many of you have dating questions that you need answers to, and while we will try our best to write articles that will cover a lot of the challenges that Christian singles face with regards to dating, the articles might not cover your specific question because everybody has a unique case that might need a more specific and tailor made solution.

So we have created this section of the website to give you guys and girls the opportunity to ask your specific Christian dating question and hopefully get some answers to those questions that have been bugging you so much. You can use the form at the bottom of this page to ask your question.

We have also provided links to the answers of questions we have already answered, but if none of them deal with your particular question you can use the form below to mail us your dating questions and we will do our best to answer them. Our answers might not want to be what you want to hear but it will be the truth.

FAQ's and Already Answered Christian Dating Questions List

Where Can You Go to Meet Christian Singles?

Can You Be Sexy, Go To Clubs And Still Be Virtuous?

Is It Wrong For Christians To Date?

Is It Okay For A Woman To Make The First Move And Approach The Guy?

Is It Okay For A 19 Year Old Girl To Date A 29 Year Old Man?

Are Black Christian Singles Sexually Promiscuous?

How Do I know If He Or She Is "The One"?

How Do I know A Guy Is Really Into Me And Not Just Pretending?

Can you give me some tips for my first date with a Christian Guy?

How do I break up an unhealthy Christian courtship?

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What are the secrets to attracting a good Christian Guy?

How do I know when to break up a Christian courtship?

Is it Okay for Christian daters to Kiss?

I really like him but how can I know if he likes me?

She broke up with me because she realized she was on the rebound, Is there still a chance she might change her mind later?

Is it possible to start from scratch and have a godly relationship after messing up?

Why do Christian guys find it so difficult to let a girl know their intentions?!!?

Is it cool to date a new or "baby" Christian?

Why do churches do so little for Christian singles

If you didn't find your specific Christian dating question, use the form below to send us the question and we will respond asap. Also note that more frequently asked Christian dating question will be added to this list so keep checking back from time to time

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