I was having a conversation with a young single lady sometime ago about this whole thing of when a guy says i like you, she expressed her concerns to me about when she has just met a guy and he is already telling her that he likes her. Her concerns were what exactly does a guy mean when he says I like you and also how can a guy say that he likes you when he has only just met you and hardly knows you?

As a result of this she tends not to take a guy seriously when he says this to her. I went on to share with her that when a guy says like you, what he is actually trying to say is that “I am attracted to you, and if you give me a chance to get to know you and things work out, then I would like to be your man someday” or something along those lines – you get the idea.

Usually when a guy says I like you or I really like you, what he means is that he is attracted to you in some way, he thinks you are pretty or beautiful, maybe there is something about your character or personality that he likes, he thinks you are cool, thats his way of saying that you are the kind of girl I can see myself in a relationship with and I would like to get to know you, be with you, be your friend, date you and possibly have something serious and long term with you.

The misunderstanding this lady had was in the way she was interpreting the statement “I like you” but when a guy uses that phrase, all he is saying is that he feels drawn to you and he is attracted to you in some way, it could be a physical attraction but it could also be an emotional or intellectual attraction – but what he is saying is that I am attracted to you, I think you’ve got it going on, I think you’re all that and then some, and I would like to get to know you and possibly start a friendship with you which hopefully could lead to more.

If you think that every guy that says he likes you is just trying to run game on you (for lack of a better way to put it) then the chances are you are misunderstanding what the guy is trying to say. Certainly there will be some guys who have ulterior motives and simply use the words “I like you” to sweeten a girl up but really have no good intentions for her in terms of a meaningful and committed relationship, but in the majority of cases when a guy is truly interested in you he will use those same words “I like you” to express his intentions because he doesn’t have a better way to put it.

Men are generally quite limited when it comes to expressing ourselves with words, especially to a girl or lady we like. Another problem is that men and women speak different languages but use the same words and that’s why this particular lady was misunderstanding guys when they were telling her that they liked her. For her those words didn’t make sense coming from someone she hardly knew because how can you like me when you don’t know me, not knowing that what the guy was really saying is that I am attracted to you.

I wondered how many well meaning guys she had ignored as a result of this misunderstanding (but I guess she also saved herself from the wolves in sheep clothing). But I just wanted to offer some insight on this for the ladies so that the next time a guy comes and tells you that he likes you, you don’t automatically interpret it the wrong way and see it for what it really means.

At the same time be careful, not every guy that tells you he likes you is well meaning, some will be attracted to you for the wrong reasons and with the wrong motives, but there will be others who will be attracted to you hoping that you have the personality to match the looks so that a possible relationship can blossom between the two of you.

To figure this out you need to try and figure out whether the guy is telling you he likes you out of his heart or out of his head – it goes beyond the words that are coming out of his mouth. That’s where prayer comes in, you need to pray that God will expose his true intentions.

I remember a story I once heard about an all male gospel group that went to sing at a church, one of the guys in the group took a liking to the pastors daughter and after the service told her that he liked her. She proceeded to tell her father about the guys advances and her dad told her to go and pray that God would expose the guys intention.

Before going to bed that night she prayed just like her dad adviced, she dreamt during the night that she was locked in a car, and there was a vicious dog outside the car barking aggresively at her, trying to attack her. That was Gods way of letting her know that the guy was a vicious dog, a wolf in sheeps clothing.

My point is pray about any relationship before entering into it, no matter how much the guy says he likes you, no matter how spiritual he comes across, no matter how cute he is. Pray and you wont end up being bitten by dogs.