What Are The Keys To Attracting Men That Are Christian

attracting christian men

What's the best way to attract a Christian Man you might ask, considering that there is a lot of rubbish out there about attracting men, a lot of women have been made to think that the only way to get a guys attention is to dress half naked. Dressing half naked will certainly get you some attention - the wrong kind, from guys who have only one motive - getting laid.

If you want advice on attracting men that are decent and love God then you can't go to the world for that information because they can only teach how to attract worldly men, and most worldly men are only interested in one thing - yeap you guessed it!

When I was a single Christian man I personally wouldn't have considered having a serious relationship with a lady who dresses like she belongs in a strip club or a street corner. The funny thing is that even the 'so called' bad boys will go to the girls that let it all hang out for fun and sex, but when it comes to settling down in a long term relationship they are looking for a good and decent girl. So you have to decide which one you want to be, the girl that attracts men who are only looking to get laid or the girl that attracts men who are looking for a long term relationship.

How you present yourself greatly determines the kind of guys you will attract.

So in response to your Christian dating question on attracting men, here are 6 Godly ways to attract Christian Men

6 Things My Wife Faith Did To Get my attention

1. The first key to attracting men is to Present yourself well. How you present yourself speaks volumes. Prayer will do its part in attracting a good Christian man to you but you must also do your part by making sure you present yourself well. If prayer alone was enough Esther wouldn't have made all that effort to appear before the king.

You have to remember that men are visual, even the Christian ones and I should know because I am one myself. A guy has to like what he see' you have to present yourself in a way that gets his attention without looking trashy and cheap.

One of the things that I couldn't resist about Faith when I first saw her in church was how well she presented herself. She always dressed decent, every part of her body was covered, no cleavage exposed but she still managed to look so good! And back then she didn't even use to wear any makeup only maybe some lip gloss.

But she dressed and still dresses really well, wearing outfits that complement her figure, color coordinating, nice shoes, her hair done, her nails, she always had on nice perfume, I mean Faith really took pride in her appearance and still does and when I saw her I knew instantly that she was my wife – I didn't need any revelation, her beauty was all the revelation I needed lol!

2. The second key to attracting men is to Be confident and secure in yourself. Confidence in itself can make you look attractive. Every guy wants a confident woman. A woman confident in herself, a woman secure in herself, a woman who knows her worth and value and won't settle for just anything and anyone.

Men are attracted to that confidence. If you are confident in yourself and learn to love yourself for who you are and the way you look, that will shine through in your personality and the way you carry yourself. Haven't you noticed those women who are not the most beautiful in terms of what we consider natural beauty (whatever natural beauty is to you), but they are confident and still take pride in themselves and their appearance and they end up with a really handsome and godly guy and the other women can't figure out how she did it.

make money doing what you love 3. The third key to attracting men is to be Friendly and have a soft smiley face. Be someone that people easily get along with, have a reputation for being caring and kind and just being an all round good person.

Learn to wear a smile on your face, I mean if a guy wanted to approach you and you had a 'don't you dare come anywhere near me' kind of face, he will think twice before even saying hello. Have a friendly face that won't scare a guy away. Be a person that's easy to talk to and strike conversations with, relationships are often birthed out of friendships so learn to be friendly.

4. The fourth key to attracting men is to Be respectful. One of the major things that attracts a guy is a woman that has respect for others because he knows that if she respects others she will respect him as her man.

More important than beauty is your personality and character, beauty might attract a guy but character and personality will determine whether he stays. Show respect and honor to others, don't be rude to people, one thing about guys is that we observe from afar at first before approaching, especially in church.

We might observe a lady we are interested in for weeks and months before making a move, we want to see what she is like, what her reputation is like, what she is like with people. In that time of observation if you see that the lady is rude and loud and has no respect for people then you start to think to yourself that she might treat you that way and disrespect you if you were to hook up with her and you probably switch your interest to another lady after that.

But if you find her to be respectful and friendly and honoring others, as a man you think to yourself that she has the qualities of a potential wife and you begin to make moves towards getting to know her.

understand men

And ladies be careful how you turn down a guy that approaches you that you are not interested in. Just because you are not interested doesn't mean you have to be rude to him.

Guys talk and if he gives you a bad reputation with other guys that you are unapproachable, that reputation will spread (especially in church) and other guys will be scared to approach you including the guys you do like that might equally like you but are hesitant to approach you because of the way you've treated other guys that approached you so be careful.

5. The fifth key to attracting men is Be a lover of God. When you truly love God it will shine through in everything you do. Every Christian man admires a lady who is truly a lover of God and spirit filled.

One of the things that I was attracted to about my wife was the way she worshiped God, she looked so beautiful when she worshiped and raised her hands in surrender to God during worship, It made me see that she truly loved God and truly had a respect for the presence of God.

I knew that it would be easy to build a marriage with a lady that loves and has respect for the things of God because she won't find it difficult to submit and respect me as her husband.

Ladies don't be afraid to let lose in worship, don't be too conscious of how you would look if you allowed yourself to be really free in the presence of God – That might be the very thing that attracts him to you.

6. The sixth key to attracting men is to Serve in Church. This one is very important especially if you attend a church with a very large congregation. In such a large congregation it is very easy to get lost in the midst of the sea of congregants that it might become a challenge for guys to even know that you attend the church.

By serving in the church maybe as an usher or a choir member you put yourself in a position where you can be noticed. People see and remember you when you serve in the house of God. For example my wife serves as an usher in church and she is always getting approached by guys because she is in a visible ministry. Thank God she has those rings on her finger or else she'd have a hard time fighting all of them off. (I've learnt to deal with the amount of attention she gets from guys, it used to bother me then I realised that hey! I'm the one she's married to.)

But don't just serve because you are trying to attract a man, serve because you love God and want to work in his house and help build his kingdom. Then God will add your man to you.

The other advantage of serving is that you get to build a relationship with other people in your department, and you never know, there might be a cute and God fearing single guy In the department you decide to join who is believing God for a wife. By serving you get to first build a working relationship with such a guy which can then lead to a friendship and a relationship. So it pays to serve.

Hope you find these keys on attracting men Useful. Hope they help you attract your Boaz.

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