Christian Dating Advice For Over 40 Singles

This Christian dating advice for over 40 singles came as a result of an email I received from an over 40 Christian single lady who was growing tired of waitng for Mr Right to Show up. Here is her question to me.


I'm having a hard time waiting for God to bring me a husband. I'm 42 and I've been saved for 12 years. In the time I've been saved, no Christian man has ever shown interest. Yet non-Christian men approach me all the time. I have to confess that I tell them I have a boyfriend so that they can leave me alone.

There's one guy in church that I really like and I thought he was interested too, but he hasn't made a move. I won't make my feelings known to him because I believe it's the man's place to start things, not mine. I don't know what to do. Do I wait for him or just accept the fact that maybe it's God's will that I never get married?


Waiting on the lord sure can be hard, sometimes things don't happen at the time we expect them to but that doesn't mean that it wont happen, delay is not denial, God promised Abraham and Sarah that they would have a child but then didn't give them one until they were old and had given up hope, we wont always understand why God delays some things but one thing is sure, he will grant us the desires of our heart, don't take it as it isn't Gods will for you to get married - if you desire and have a vision of you being in a loving marriage then hold on to that vision until you see it come to pass.

Like the bible says in Habakkuk chapter 2 verse 3, "the vision is for an appointed time... and though it lingers wait for it, it will certainly come" this scripture lets us know that there is an appointed time for every vision we have for our lives, including getting married, there is an appointed time for you to meet the right person and there is an appointed time for your marriage, I prophecy to you that you will get married and God will fulfil the desires of your heart as long as you obey and serve him in all you do.

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The scripture also lets us know that there may be a waiting period for that vision and desire for marriage to happen, for some people that waiting time might be long and for other it might be short but on thing is certain, it will come to pass, I prophecy again that your Mr Right will come to pass, you will have a loving and fulfilling marriage, the desires of your heart for marriage and a fulfilling relationship will happen.

But seek first Gods kingdom, make you relationship with God and stay right with God and make living holy your pursuit and the marriage you desire will be added (Matthew 6:33)

With regards to the man you feel may be interested in you, I think it not good to put your hopes on one person and wait for one person hoping that one day they will approach you. You will be surprised that God might have someone for you that you haven't even met yet but he will make you cross paths so keep your options open, don't fall into the trap of thinking that if this man doesn't approach you that no one else will, that is simply not true.

But you can tell a pastor at your church about your feelings for him and get them to speak to him to see if he is interested in anyone in the church (they don't have to let him know you are interested, so as not to cause any embarrassment to you if he is not interested) but they can ask him if he has his eyes on anyone and if it turns out that he has been thinking about making a move with you then you will know for sure that he is interested and then they can reveal to him that you are equally interested.

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