Christian Dating Questions You Need to Ask Yourself About a Potential Mate

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These Christian dating questions have been put together to help you decide and make a better judgement about whether the person you are dating or in a courtship relationship with is right for you.

It is all too common for singles to jump straight into a relationship without carefully considering whether this person they are head over heels "in love with" is actually right for them. We sometimes allow ourselves to be blinded by love and as a result we don't do a thorough analysis on the people we date, we allow ourselves to get carried away, with our feelings and their good looks that we sometimes miss obvious danger signs.

These Christian dating questions will therefore help you to discern whether this person you are about to date or are already dating or in a relationship with is actually any good for you, they are searching questions that will help you and guide you to make a better decision about choosing a life-partner.

Questions On Their Relationship With God

Does you potential mate have a relationship with Jesus Christ? Is your potential mate a committed Christian (A born again Christian)?

Is your potential mate committed to a local church?

Is your potential mate willing to let the church leadership know about your relationship

Questions On Attraction

What are you attracted to about your potential mate?

What is your potential mate attracted to about you?

Is the attraction you have for each other purely physical?

How do you look at your potential mate - with respect or lust?

How does your potential mate look at you - with respect or lust?

Questions On Needs

Are you only dating or in a relationship with your potential mate because you feel needed by them?

Is your potential mate emotionally wounded and therefore needs your support?

Are you emotionally dependent on your potential mate - Can you still be happy on your own without them?

Do you feel like you have to have someone in your life in order to feel fulfilled, whole and happy?

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