Are Guys Afraid Of Christian Relationships Because Half Of Them Find It Difficult To Let A Girl Know Their Intentions.

A lady asked the following question about Christian relationships:

I have a question that Christian guys need to answer! Been bugging me for ages, because I found myself in this predicament!

Why do Christian guys find it so difficult to let a girl know their intentions?!! Always over spiritualising everything and sometimes even saying that they're waiting on God?! You spend all your time talking to the girl, chasing her, hanging out etc. almost like you’re in a relationship with no title! So irritating!

If u like the girl then say it! God won't hold it against u for having feelings! I just don't get it, we find ourselves treating them like they're someone important, not knowing if they're just keeping their options open. They were in the world once, so I just don't get how they've forgotten how to talk to a female. The only option we have is to keep it moving, because its long!

Happened to 3 of my friends also, so we'd all like to get an answer. Do Christian relationships have to be so complicated?

Paul's response

Wow! fellas you've got some explaining to do! Why can't you guys make up your mind what you want? I mean I had no problem making up my mind when I met my wife, I knew what I wanted and I went for it and made my intentions known straightaway, so what's the problem fellas?

Personally I think that guys that do this to ladies have commitment issues, they see so many women they like and can't decide on which one to commit to, they want to have their cake and eat it, they think they will be missing out on all the other ladies if they commit to one.

But you can only have one anyway! You can't have them all so why can't you just decide on one? God will lead you to potential life partners but ultimately it is down to you to make a decision. God stopped choosing for us ever since Adam blamed God for Eve making him eat the forbidden fruit. So stop using the "waiting on God" excuse for your indecision.

I mean, I am a guy but I've never really had a problem with making up my mind to commit to a relationship. I mean if you really like someone then why should you be unsure about committing to them and making the relationship official. I just don't get it myself.

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Christian relationships sure can be complicated and full of drama! I think that guys that fall into this category are secret players; they want to get close to a lady and lead her on into believing there will be more so that they can possibly take advantage of her. They will never give her a straight answer about making the relationship official because they know that they don't really want to commit, they are just after what they can get (if you know what I mean)

I know this because it happened to someone close to me, she was really close to this guy, so close that they were already crossing some sexual boundaries that they shouldn't have crossed but the thing is she wasn't even sure if they were in a relationship! because he hadn't officially told her what he wanted, yet he was doing all this with her.

Whenever she would asked him where the relationship was going, he would say that he was still "waiting to hear God" – what a sorry excuse! If you are waiting to hear God you shouldn't be leading her on and putting your hands all over her, if you are that spiritual the least you can do is flee sexual immorality.

So that's my take, guys correct me if I'm wrong, ladies express yourself and give the fellas a piece of your mind. Use the form below to post your comments and feedback.

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Why Do Guys Find It Difficult To Make Their Intentions Known?

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