Christian Sex Education – The Woman, Her Body and The Tabanacle

In this Christian sex education article, I want to educate my Christian brothers and sisters who might not know the power, significance and purpose of their bodies and as a result are misusing and abusing it.

It saddens me when a lady or a young girl gives away their most prized possession away so cheaply to a guy that doesn’t know its value, the problem also is that a lot of women also don’t know the value of their bodies and that’s why its easy for them to allow anyone access to it.

In this Christian sex education article, I am going to discuss one of the most common Christian views on sex with regards to a woman’s body, one that I find to hold a lot of truth.

The bible says that our body is a temple (1 Corinthians 6:19) and a woman’s body can be likened to the old testament tabernacle which is another word for temple.

The tabanacle has three parts, the outer court, the inner court (also know as the holy place), and thirdly the holies of holies. The outer court represents the flesh, the inner court represents the soul and the holies of holies represents the spirit.

In the outer court there is an altar of sacrifice for sin, and a basin that serves as a reflective glass so that after washing you could see whether you were clean or not. Before approaching the basin you must have first placed a sacrifice on the altar. This in context means that when a guy approaches you, he has to demonstrate that he knows your worth through gifts and other gestures to demonstrate that he knows your value.

The basin also represents a place of washing and cleansing. It means that before a guy qualifies to date you, he should have first been cleansed by the blood of Jesus, and his mind should have been renewed by the word of God so that he is coming with good intentions. Make sure that a guy has properly cleansed himself before you even give him your ears. Don’t be too much in a hurry to give him your body when he doesn’t even qualify for your ears.

I want to continue to the next phase of this Christian sex education by moving onto the holy place or the inner court. Once cleansing is done at the basin of the outer court the next phase is to proceed to the holy place. In the holy place there is a lamp stand and a table of showbread, a veil that separates the holy place from the holies of holies, and the altar of incense.

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The lamp stand symbolises that any potential guy that wants to approach and gain access to your temple must be able to illuminate and enlighten your mind. He must be a man sound in the word of God that can challenge your faith and help you to grow spiritually. He must be able to speak positively into your life and inspire you to fulfill your God given potential.

The table of showbread is a place where friendship is established. Bread must never be lacking on that table, In the same vein friendship must never be lacking between two people considering marriage or indeed two people who are already married. Friendship is what keeps marriage strong, exciting and fun not just sex.

Any guy that wants your hand in marriage and ultimately wants to gain access to your holies of holies must be someone you have established a bond of friendship with, which means you take time to get to know them and develop the friendship first not rush into bed with them.

The altar of incense is where incense is burnt as a sweet smelling savor to God continuously. This again symbolizes the sweetness that friendship brings into a relationship.

The final stage of this Christian sex education is the most crucial. Because a guy made it past the outer court and the holy place doesn’t necessarily mean he qualifies to get access into the holies of holies.

Between the holy place and the holies of holies is a veil. Only one man was permitted by God to push aside the veil and go into the holies of hoiles. This represents the fact that God only ever intended for a woman to have one sexual partner all her life and that partner should be someone permitted by God and the only person God permits to enter a womans holies of holies is her husband (not a boyfriend)

For a woman who has not lost her virginity, there is a little thin layer of skin that covers the vagina known as the hymen, the hymen represents the veil that separates the holies of holies from the inner court. Just as only the high priest selected by God was allowed to push aside the veil to enter the holies of holies, in the same way only a womans high priest (her husband) is allowed to push aside the hymen and enter into a womans holies of holies.

God’s intention was that there should be only one man in a woman’s life sexually. It is interesting that when a man is ready for sex, blood rushes to his organs preparing him for a blood convenant which takes place during sexual intercourse.

When a man has sex with his wife who is a virgin for the first time, the hymen is broken and the blood of the woman rests on the sexual organ of the man, the mans sexual organ representing an altar. A blood covenant is established as a result and this also symbolizes worship.

In the old testament, when someone who wasn’t the high priest entered the holies of holies or an unclean high prisest enters the holies of hoiles, they would die. In the same way the bible says that the wages of sin is death and sexual immorality is a sin. And part of sexual immorality is engaging in sex with someone that isn’t your husband (or wife if you are a guy)

Because of lack of proper Christian sex education many people don’t understand the spiritual implications of their sin. They are just told not to have sex outside of marriage but not told why. As a result many Christian singles who are dating eachother and even some married Christians keep engaging in sex outside of marriage not realizing that sexual relationship isn’t just lovemaking and harmless fun. It is a covenant, it is a form of worship between two people who have vowed to spend the rest of their lives together.

Not worship as in the kind of worship we give to God but worship in the form of recognizing and valuing eachothers worth. As a result many Christian who are having sex outside of marriage are getting laid but not loved.

To conclude this Christian sex education, I said earlier that a man’s sexual organs represents an altar. An altar is a sanctified place for worship, but when the purpose of a mans altar is not known he alters the purpose and goes around joining himself with different women desecrating his altar, contaminating not only his sexual purity but also the sexual purity of the women he has joined himself to sexually.

Sexual purity must be viewed in its correct form, which is not only that God wants us to keep ourselves until marriage but also because sex is a form of worship and keeping yourself is a symbol of your dedication as in worship.

Hope you find truth, revelation and deliverance in this little piece of Christian sex education I have shared with you.