Christian Sex Education. Educated Yourself About Sex Before You Destroy Yourself.

christian sex education

Christian singles need Christian sex education because the bible says in Proverbs 4:7 that "wisdom in the principal thing" In Hosea 4:6 it also say that "my people are destroy because of lack of knowledge". Lack of wisdom and knowledge about sex will certainly destroy you. Many people have this attitude of "well its just sex" not realising that it isnt just sex, sex is a spiritual act, on the surface it might just look like two people doing their thing, but in God's eyes its two souls binding together.

The two scriptures quoted emphasize the importance of education, The bible teaches us in proverbs that above all things we should seek wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Then is Hosea the bible tells us the consequences of not having knowledge which is destruction.

Sex is one of those areas that many Christian singles that are dating, are still somewhat ignorant or naive about. So yes I am going to talk about it - Let's talk about sex.

Lets talk about sex because more and more of our Christian teenagers are ending up with unwanted pregnancies. Christian teens are becoming mothers and father when they them selves still need to be mothered and fathered.

Let's talk about sex because sexually transmitted diseases have somehow found their way into the lives of Christian singles. We are now making alter calls for people with AIDS and HIV. The same people that should be healing the sick have allowed themselves to become the inflicted.

Lets have Christian sex education for our Christian singles because many of them don't understand what sex is. They don't understand the spiritual implications, they don't understand that keeping yourself takes a lot of work and discipline because the devil will do all he can to try and make you fall.

Lets talk about sex because many Christian singles don't know how to control their sexual urges.

Lets have Christian sex education because some Christians that are dating think it is okay to masturbate and engage in oral sex as long as they dont have intercourse. These are issues many Christian singles are struggling with but very few are addressing.

Lets have Christian sex education because the world makes it the end all and be all, have you seen television and billboard adverts, and music videos, even most of the films Hollywood is producing and soap operas. They all have one thing in common, they have all made sex the end all and be all, they are heavily promoting and pushing sex in our faces and making you feel like you are missing out if you aint getting none.

Most Christian singles get their sex education from T.V and music. Most singles get their education from the RnB singers like Joe or R Kelly. Some Christians get their education from porn! Because we are getting our education from the wrong sources that is why the sexuality and sexual experiences of Christian singles are being messed up.

We need Christian sex education especially because of the Christian sisters who don't know the value of their body and therefore use it to seduce men, or use it for prostitution in order to get gifts and money from a guy - yes even Christian girls are doing that!

There are also the naive sisters who don't understand the value of their body and their virginity and therefore give it away cheaply to some irresponsible guy who just wants to hit and run or hit it and quit it.

It is a fact that one of the areas that cause a lot of problems in marriage that can even lead to divorce is an unfulfiling sexual life with your spouse. If you are married and want to improve your sex life with your partner, or if you are engaged to be married and want to gain some wisdom (not practise - thats for marriage) on how to make your sex life with your husband or wife fulfilling when you get married, then I recommend these books.

christian sex christian sex

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Many singles in the church are sexually ignorant. They don't know the purpose of their bodies and they don't know the purpose of sex and when the purpose of something is not known you will abuse it. Christian singles are therefore abusing not only themselves but also eachother because of ignorance. Sex is more than a feeling, and sex doesn't end when intercourse is over.

Many don't understand the power of sex. Oh how badly we need proper Christian sex education! People don't know that their spirit and soul is involved in what they are doing, even the unbelievers understand this more than some Christians.

I found these quotes on the website of someone who isn't even a believer:

"When you have an orgasm, there is a chemical change that takes place in your body. In particular, your body releases a hormone called oxytocin that binds you emotionally to the other person."

"It is recommended by relationship experts to not have sex during your dating and selection process unless you are okay with being emotionally bound to that person"

(The full article can be found here. Scroll to the bottom of the article to the subheading A Few Words On Sex)

Did you read that, even the unbelievers know the spiritual implications of sex, even the secular relationship experts know that sex is a spiritual matter. The reason why so many Christian singles stay in abusive relationships is because they have bound themselves sexually. They know the relationship is unhealthy but they cant leave because they have united themselves in spirit and soul through intercourse.

Can you imagine being bound to every person you have every slept with! That's why even years after the relationship is over you cant shake off their memory, every time you see them you feel funny and uncomfortable, why? because a bonding took place.

So I am going to speak out on this issue and tell Christian singles that are dating the truth that they might not want to hear. The truth may be bitter but if you pursue truth you will find freedom.

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