I Make Extra Money Sharing My Knowledge and Insight and Doing What I Love.

***2012 Update***

I'm still getting regular income from clickbank which is now paid directly into my bank account by direct deposit. My income from google adsense is also paid directly into bank account by direct deposit and the payments keep getting bigger both from clickbank and google! I also started getting companies approach me to advertise on my website and the income from that is very nice as well. What can I say, making money online sharing your knowledge and passion with people is definately a possibility and if I can do it, anyone can. To get yourself started making money on the internet with Site Build It (SBI) Click Here
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I am writing this today 10th of March 2011 thinking of how blessed I am that God opened my eyes and lead me to how to make extra money doing something I enjoy, sharing knowledge and insight on an area of passion.

I received another Check or Cheque from clickbank which I went to pay into my bank account today, this money was made as a result of having my own website (this website) sharing my knowledge and insight on dating and relationships and recommending books, services and resources that singles can use to have a successful dating and relationship experience.

Last month I also received another payment from google because google pays me for the ads that are displayed on this website everytime someone clicks on those ads. In fact I will be receiving another payment from both google and clickbank very soon and I am also due to recieve money from commision Junction.

Why I am I telling you all this? I am not telling you all this to brag, I am telling you because I want you to know that you too can make extra money doing the same thing. I am sharing this as my duty to you, because I want you to be aware of this opportunity. Many times when people discover opportunities like this they keep it to themselves because of selfishness and they dont want others to benefit from it and achieve what they are achieving.

If you have a passion or an area that you know a lot about, then you too can make extra money online, it isnt easy, it will require some work and patience but it is possible because I am doing it and dont worry, you dont have to be an expert on the subject, you just have to be passionate and knowledgable and be willing to share what you know and help others. Using your knowledge, you can start an information website like I have done and use different strategies to make extra money from that website. it is really that simple (not easy) and I am doing it and have the checks or cheques and payments into my account from google and clickbank to prove it.

The fun thing is that most of that Money was made while I was out and about doing my own thing or even sleeping, thats the beauty of having an online business, your business is working online 24/7 in all the countries of the world while you're sleeping, you can literally be making money while you are sleeping.

What saddens me a little is that many will hear about an opportunity like this but, they wont take advantage of it, they'll be skeptical maybe because they have seen so many of those fake make money online scams, but trust me, this isnt one of them and as a Christian it would be wrong of me to lie that I was making money online if I wasnt - God would judge me for that and I value my relationship with God too much to do that.

I am genuienly sharing this because I believe that it can change someone's life and it can help someone, I share this because i believe that one day someone will read this and it will help them start their journey to financial freedom and if that is something that interests you then take a look into the opportunity and if it doesnt interest you - ignore it.

For those who do like the idea of making extra money online sharing their knowledge and passion but are skeptical or are just putting it off and procrastinating, I want you to think and ask yourself:

How long will you wait before starting your own online business?

How long will you wait before turning your knowledge and passion into money?

How long will you wait before turning your knowledge into a website that generates you regular money for you?

Like I said before, Its not easy but its possible. It wont happen over night but it will happen if you put in the effort.

Will you be an employee forever or will you begin to build your own online business and start setting yourself up for financial freedom and deliver yourself from the rat race like I am.

Its really up to you - you can continue to put it off or doubt it while others are making it happen, putting their knowledge and passion to use, receiving monthly checks, and making their dream happen.

Don't put it off any longer, take charge of your future now, work yourself out of that Job you hate, work yourself out of that 9-5 race rat lifestyle. Join SBI today.

What IS SBI? you might ask... Watch the video below

SBI is the tool that has allowed me to achieve everything I have been talking about so far. SBI helped me to get my website started and I didnt even need to learn any of the technicalitites of building a website, SBI also taught me how to start getting visitors to my website and how I could begin to make extra money from the website once I was getting visitors.

If you like what you have heard so far and would like to see how SBI can help you to begin to turn your knowledge and passion into a profitable online business them CLICK HERE NOW!

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