Should A Woman Pay For Dates Or Should The Guy Always Pay?

Out of courtesy a woman should offer but a man should be a man and pay. It's okay for the woman to chip in once in a while once the relationship becomes official but a guy should carry the bulk of the responsibility especially if he is the one that asked you out.

It would be rude for him to ask you out on a date then expect you to pay. If he knows he can't afford to take you out then he should get creative and find other ways to spend time together on a budget or simply take you to a place that he can afford.

I believe when you are still dating, a guy should be trying his best to prove that he is worthy of your hand. He should be trying to demonstrate to you that if you where to give him a chance to be the special man in your life then he would be capable of looking after you.

Our society is kind of messed up at the moment, back in the day men used to do whatever it takes to get the woman they want, back in the day men took pride in being able to provide for their woman, but these days I don't know what has happened to some men. We want an easy ride, we want a woman that will do everything for us, we are content to live off our women and let them carry the financial burden.

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If a man cannot pay for a simple date, then how will he be able to assist with the various household bills if you were to marry him? Even if a guy is struggling financially he should still demonstrate that he is willing to sacrifice the little he has with you. That's what you call true commitment.

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You see, this thing is deeper than paying for a date, on the surface it might seem like what's the big deal about who pays? But this really is about a man demonstrating that he qualifies for your time, you are not cheap, a guy has to work for you, he has to put in effort to prove that he knows your worth and no one demonstrated that better than Jacob in the bible, who worked 14 years just to prove that he was qualified to have Rachel as his wife.

The responsibility to cultivate was given to the man and regardless of whether a woman earns more, a man should still do his best the carry the majority of the financial load in a relationship in line with his capabilities and that includes paying for dates.

I am straight up old school and I believe in a man being a man and carrying out his responsibilities, that's what you do when you respect your woman, you sacrifice for her because of the love you have for her. Expecting a woman to carry you while dating by picking up the bill etc I personally feel is disrespectful to the lady.

As I said above, I believe that once the relationship becomes more serious, then its okay for the lady to chip in once in a while or spilt the bill, or the lady can even decide that she wants to treat her man on a particular occasion so she pays for the date. But at the initial stages of the relationship and on the majority of occasions I believe it is the guys responsibility to pay for dates.

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What do you think, Should a woman pay for dates or not?

I have expressed my thoughts and convictions about this but I would like to hear your opnion on whether a woman should pay for dates so please share your comments!

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No, A Man Should Pay 
Thank you for this article--I am a woman and I agree with EVERYTHING you said. You expressed it perfectly. Men, it's time to pony-up--if you want a …

no a man should pay for dates mainly Not rated yet
Because the husband is suppose to be the provider of his household and while in a dating process you will know if he can adequatley provide for you without …

No Not rated yet
I agree with you I think God's way is best. Women need to allow men to be the priest, provider and protector in their lives.

No, It is the Man's duty Not rated yet
I believe that it is the man's duty, out of love and respect for his potential or established partner, to pay for most of the dates, especially if the …

Yes Not rated yet
Why should the man pay everything and carry the financial burden alone? Women want equal rights, that means they have equal duties too. And the first duty …

Yes...  Not rated yet
If I ask the gentlemen out to, for example, play billards... If I ask... I don't mind paying. However, he should pay at times also... for example, when …

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