I Was Sexually Abused When I Was Young and Now I'm Struggling With Sexual Sin.

The Following is an email I received:

Hello Sir, I am a young lady who is struggling with sexual sin... Ihave not slept with any man before however I have done things that shouldn'thave been done...as close to sex. When I was younger a man came to my house and although I can’t remember what happened I know that he tried to do some funny stuff with me as a little child.

I became a lesbian I didn't know that was what it was called because I was a young child and it never happened again, the person that this happen with is a good friend of mine who is now in a relationship...

I also remember that I slept with a pillow as a young child... Yes a Pillow! and it has followed me ever since...I prayed so many times, sought counsel many times...Sometimes it goes away and I don't do anything but it comes back...

Sir I tell you this because I believe there are men and women like me going through this sought of issue. I really hope you would be able to address this and also give advice to those going through a similar situation

Thank u.

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My Thoughts and Advice on This Issue:

I am so touched by your email and your story, it hurts me when I hear of cases where someone is struggling in the area of their sexuality as a result of being abused as a child, most abusers themselves where victims of abuse and as a result when they get older, they end up also having changes with their sexuality and other go on to abuse other kids and the cycle keeps repeating itself.

The sad thing is that the church sometimes is too busy judging people for struggling with sexual sin or for struggling with their sexuality that they don’t see or understand the deep underlying issues that lead to these struggles, most people want to be sexually pure, they want to please God in the area of their sexuality but something was broken and something was tampered with when they were a child and as a result that experience has now left the victims with a life time of struggle, fighting a battle that is very difficult to win and no matter how hard they try not to give in to their ungodly sexual desires they find themselves falling short because someone has touch them in a way they shouldn’t have been touched, someone has sown a bad seed and left the victim reaping the reward of the evil seed.

If only the church would do less judging and criticizing and find a way to help these victims find deliverance. Without a doubt, when you find it hard to remain in control of any area of your life, it suggests that there is a demonic stronghold that needs to be broken so that you can be free, the nature of strongholds is that they are not easily conquered, they are habits and behaviors that hold you bound and don’t want to let you go, that’s why they are called strongholds, they hold you strong, they have a strong grip on you and don’t want to release you.

But in Christ Jesus we are set free from the law of sin and death (Romans 8) and through fervent prayer and fasting we can overcome any demonic strong hold, but it won’t be an easy battle, you are going to have to pray let you've never prayed before and fast like you've never fasted before as well as exercise some self control as well in order to be delivered from this stronghold. The cost of freedom is high and uncomfortable, it will cause you to stretch and reach a new level in your spiritual and prayer life but there is no other way out. You are going to have to fast and pray your way out of this stronghold until you are free, and I’m not talking about a 1 day fast with 5 minutes prayer, I'm talking serious fasting and prayer which might last days or weeks or even months. If you want to take on the strong man that is binding you in this area then you are going to have to empower yourself and arm yourself spiritually to take on this strong man, but one thing is certain, and that is you can have victory through Christ Jesus.

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So I sympathize and empathize with you, and I join my faith with yours, that God will set you free from this stronghold and loose the grip of the strong man that is binding you in this area. You will have the victory and you will be set free in Jesus name.

And even if while you are fighting this battle, even if you fall and finding yourself wanting to return to these habits, don’t give up the fight, don’t condemn yourself, get up, pick up your sword (the word of God), and continue the fight and don’t stop fighting until you prevail. God will help you and you will overcome in the area of your sexuality and you will go on to please God in the area of your sexual life and you will find and marry the spouse God has for you and you will have a wonderful family just as God intended it from the beginning.

You are in my prayers



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